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There’s a growing need for consumers like you to own sterilizers. Since you are faced with a variety of sterilizers to choose from per time, making a buying decision can also be tiring  At SterilzerGuide.com make it our aim to educate the consumer on the importance of several types of sterilizers and to guide into effortlessly selecting the sterilizer that will most appropriately fill your need.

Dr M A Baset Sterilizer Guide

I’m Dr. M.A Baset- a specialist medical doctor with an MBBS from Salimullah Medical College, Dhaka and a FCPS degree in Internal Medicine from Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons.

I’m honored to have you my page, rather than take recommendations from lay men who have no detailed understanding in the field of health and wellness, stay here. You can trust my guidance and I guarantee that to a large extent you will find it fool-proof.

Best Regards,
Dr. M A Baset
Co-Founder, Sterilizer Guide

Why Choose Sterilizer Guide?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused the most significant global health pandemic in the last twenty years. The only thing we can do is to take preventive measures against the virus. So it’s very important to properly disinfect and sterilize our homes and commonly touched objects.

Whether your sterilizing your babies’ bottle or your shoes and whatnots, the whole point the of dis-infection process sterilizer is to destroy microorganisms present in the utensils or gear and bring them to a germ-free state. Who better to give you guidance on this than a seasoned medical Practitioner?






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