Dr Brown's Bottle Sterilizer Review

Dr Brown’s Bottle Sterilizer Review

Dr Brown’s bottle sterilizer is the ultimate solution for every mom who is seeking to be the best caregiver for his/her child. Well, it has been designed in an easy, simple, and reliable way that offers excellent sterilization to Dr. Brown’s baby bottles and other accessories. This sterilizer works by heating water into intense steam which is used to kill harmful bacteria and household germs. Additionally, it can hold up to six of Dr. Brown’s bottles and other accessories including travel covers, stems, gaskets, collars, nipples, and other baby bottle brands.

Dr Brown's Bottle Sterilizer

As a parent choosing this sterilizer will meet your needs precisely and your baby will be safe from infections.

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Easy To Operate

Dr Brown’s bottle sterilizer is one of the easiest sterilizers to use. It is friendly to both the experts and the newbies because of its easy touch controls. Once you have read through the manual you will get to know how these controls operate which makes it easy for you. Additionally, it is equipped with cycle indicators that help you to know how the process is going on. The good thing is that if you have other schedules to attend you can always leave it running because it will shut down automatically. This makes it very convenient and a reliable option for sterilizing baby bottles and other accessories.

New Design

The Dr Brown’s bottles sterilizer has been newly redesigned to sterilize up to 6 bottles at once. It can conveniently accommodate all the Dr. Brown’s bottles and other brands. The good thing is that all the bottles will be effectively sterilized to your satisfaction. You will also enjoy the use of the removable tray which is an integral element in its design. This tray is used in positioning every single bottle to ensure it is fully exposed to the steam. Therefore, you are guaranteed that all your bottles will be sterilized.

Effective Sterilization

I will always recommend this particular sterilizer because it has been designed to ensure there is effective sterilization. This is facilitated by the measuring cup which ensures the right amount of water is measured before added to the sterilizer. Additionally, the use of the inbuilt accessory tray ensures the pacifiers, nipples, and Dr. Brown bottles offer effectively sterilization. This is possible since the steam can be directed to each bottle and accessory.

Natural Steam Sterilizing

Everyone desires to have a sterilizer which is free from chemicals especially when it comes to sterilizing the baby’s bottle. This is an important consideration because the use of chemicals might compromise the baby’s health. In that regard, It is recommended to use natural steam sterilizing. There are no additives or any products that are used to facilitate the process.


Everyone is curious about the safety of this sterilizer right? Well, Dr Brown’s bottle sterilizer has taken into account safety measures to ensure the baby is fully protected. Apart from offering sterilization that kills up to 99% of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms, it is also equipped with an auto shut off feature that ensures the whole process is done safely. This feature will allow the sterilizer to shut down immediately once the cycle is completed.

Furthermore, Dr Brown’s bottle sterilizer is also made using BPA free borosilicate glass or polypropylene plastic. This makes it safe for the baby because no harmful elements will be introduced into the baby’s body since it can compromise with baby health.


• It is easy to use. It uses only two buttons once it is pressed the process begins.
• The Sterilizer is made using BPA free materials.
• It can hold up to six Dr. Brown's bottles at once.
• Its accessory tray can hold other parts of the baby bottle, pacifiers, and nipples.
• The sterilization cycle takes only 10 minutes.
• It has LED lights that are used to indicate the operation.


• The Sterilizer is effective
• It has a new design which can accommodate up to 6 Dr. brown's bottle
• Dr. Brown bottle sterilizer is safe
• The sterilizer is easy and simple to use
• It has an accessory tray to accommodate accessories


• Dr Brown's Bottle sterilizer takes time to cool down


Sterilization of the baby bottle is very important because it eliminates the harmful bacteria and germs that could lead to infections. Therefore, to sterilize the bottles effectively you will need to have a high-quality product like Dr. Brown bottle sterilizer.

There are various factors that you can put into consideration before purchasing a sterilizer. You need to take into account the sterilization method used, length of cycle, storage after sterilizing, auto-shutoff feature, the size, and compatibility. These will help you in choosing the best bottle sterilizer that will meet all your needs.

You can clean this sterilizer in two simple ways. First, is using warm soapy water to wash all the washable components of the sterilizer. Additionally, you should check if there is an accumulation of scale so that you can descale using white vinegar. Normally, descaling should be done at least once a month.

Using distilled water is an added advantage because it prevents the formation of scale. Therefore, if you are living in an area that you use hard water than distilled water is the most preferred option for optimal performance of your sterilizer.

Final Verdict

Dr Brown’s bottle sterilizer is undeniably one of the best sterilizers that you will find in the market. It is a high-quality sterilizer that offers ultimate performance. It has an intuitive design that can also add some decide to your kitchen space. When buying this sterilizer recommend that you purchase it from a certified dealer who will comply with the manufacturer policies. Therefore, before you place an order ensure you have done adequate research so that you get a sterilizer that is worth your money.

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