How to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave

How To Sterilize Menstrual Cup In Microwave? [Ultimate Guide]

Sterilizing a menstrual cup might be costing you right? Well, sterilizing menstrual cups using a microwave can save you some dollars. We know you might be wondering how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave.

We recently gave the idea to one of our friends and after trying it she liked it. The reason was that she was able to save herself some money which she used in the past for this work. Are you looking for effective ways on how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave? The steps below are very important in the sterilization of a menstrual cup. The good thing about this method is that you can do it with any microwave. However, you may have noticed that the information you have been able to find online is not always accurate and can be difficult to understand. hat’s why we decided to create this detailed guide on how to sterilize your menstrual cup in the microwave.

How to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave?

If you are using a menstrual cup, you’ll need to know how to sterilize the cup. That’s because menstrual cups can harbor bacteria and things like E. Coli. Therefore, you’ll need to sterilize the cup in order to avoid these potential issues. Sterilizing a menstrual cup in microwave is an effective method that ensures 99%of the germs are killed. It’s important to know how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave. There are a few different methods that you can use to sterilize your cup. The steps below are how you can sterilize the menstrual cup using a microwave.

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Step 1: Empty The Cup

During this pandemic it’s important to learn how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave. This is always the first thing that you should do. This is always very important for the sterilization process. After all, how would you expect to sterilize something that has contents inside? So this is the first step to take. Doctors normally advise people to empty the cup after a period of about 6 to 12 hours. But this always depends on your flow. So you must empty the cup before you proceed for the other steps. But before this ensure that your hands are clean. To be sure of this, then you should wash your hands with an antibacterial soap.

Step 2: Clean The Cup

Ensure that you accurately do this. So take your time to clean the cup. This is to enable you to remove any debris or even any stuck materials. To effectively clean the cup, use warm water. First, soak the cup in warm water for about 2 to 3 minutes. This is the step that ensures that the cup is well clean. And it is also the beginning of the sterilization process. Ensure that you clean the cup thoroughly. If some debris is not coming out easily scrub it until you remove all the debris in it.

Step 3: Put Water in The Bowl

First, you should put water into the bowl. Ensure that the water is clean. You can even use a cup for this process. The menstrual cup is made in a way that can fit in these vessels perfectly well. A microwave container can also be used. After putting the water in the bowl, you can now place the menstrual cup inside. Ensure that everything is well set.

Step 4: Put The Bowl in A Microwave

You now put the bowl in the microwave. Do not cover the container or the bowl before you put it in the microwave. You then switch the microwave in and let it run. Leave it for a period of 2 to 3 minutes. This is to ensure that the water is properly boiled. This is very important. Do not remove the cup if the water is not well boiled. This is to allow any bacterial in the cup to be killed. Also, the high temperature is good for the sterilization process. So make sure the water is boiled before you removed it. This is an important thing to note. If the water is boiled you can now switch the microwave off.

Step 5: Dry Your Cup

This is another step that is so important. Do not miss to do this. Ensuring that you dry the cup is good for your general health. Storing the cup with any moisture might encourage the growth of bacteria which might be harmful to your health. You should use a clean cloth or a tissue to do this. Storing the menstrual cup while wet allows the build-up of bacteria. This is because you will be providing good conditions for the bacteria. So ensure that you dry it well.

Step 6: Store The Cup

This is always the last step. But ensure that you do it well. This to avoid any contact with dirty surfaces. So you ensure to use a clean cotton pouch at even a small bag. But ensure that these storing materials are also dry. Use a good storage pouch that will keep the menstrual cup in a good condition. Since your menstrual cup is now sterilized then it is good for use another time and with no issues arising from it. I hope now you get how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave.

During this COVID-19 pandemic you must disinfect all your wears. Additionally, you can also sterilize menstrual cup using sterilizer machine.

Best Menstrual Cup Steamer Sterilizer

Menstrual cup steamer sterilizer is also effective in killing up to 99% of germs and harmful bacteria. It is easy to use all you need to do is add approximately 5ml of water to the center menstrual cup steamer. Afterward, place your menstrual cup and press the button to start the sterilization.

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Final Verdict

Managing your period while you work can be pretty difficult and frustrating. You need to find a way to manage your period while you are at work. Having a menstrual cup can be a convenient and comfortable way of dealing with this. If you care about your private parts, then ensure that you sterilize your menstrual cup. Using this method is always good and also cheap. You won’t be spending any dollars for this process. You can even do it yourself. It is an easy way to do it and also a very effective way. Following each step is essential. With the methods provided in this article, you’ll be able to keep your menstrual cup clean and fresh for a long time to come! This is how to sterilize menstrual in microwave. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for reading and happy sterilizing!

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