AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine Review

AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine Review

When I had my first fish, it was a beta. It had beautiful fins and I called it Cloud. Cloud floated along until the fish’s fins were not looking so nice. It was because he lived in a large fishbowl. What I needed was an aquarium for Cloud to have a better life. Aquariums are great for people that have a lot of fish. However, sometimes even they have problems. They can turn green which is not healthy. That’s why the AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine is so novel. You can just put the device into the water and it eliminates the problem.

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This device uses UV light to sterilize the tank. It will get rid of cloudiness in the forms of algae and bacteria. You don’t have to touch the glass ever. It has an easy change system. When it comes to your installation, it should only take you ten minutes. You just have to follow the instructions and your water will clear within days.


We all know that having an animal is expensive. Having fish is no exception. You will have to shell out for the aquarium and related equipment. However, you can get this machine for under $100 even including the shipping costs. Right now, the device is on sale at Amazon.


People are loving this device. Their fish live longer and happier lives. This particular make is the number one selling UV machine in the US. They have already sold over half of a million to happy consumers. This is patented technology so it cannot be duplicated. It is also UL Safety Tested.

More Options

The AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine comes in a variety of devices. You will need to read up on how many watts will work for the size of the aquarium. There is the 3 Watt one, 24 Watt one, and the 9 Watt one. When you get one, you will need to know that you are locating the appropriate Wattage for your tank. All of them come with write up’s as well, so you can just defer to the instructions.


• UL Safety Tested
• UV technology
• Sterilizes the entire tank
• Comes in three convenient strengths for different sizes of tanks


• Easy to install
• Simple upkeep
• Popular in the US
• Works in just a few days


• It's another cost to upkeep your aquarium


You will choose based on the size of your tank. For example, 50 gallons equals a nine Watt device.

UV is short-wavelength light. It kills yeasts, molds, and bacteria. It is the technology that is often used in drinking water.

The best part about this is that no external plumbing is required.

No, you can easily hide it behind ornaments and it will work just as well.

Yes, the manufacturer gives a three-year warranty.

Final Verdict

This device is extremely easy to use. It is self-contained and doesn’t require any extra plumbing. The AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine is a machine for busy, working people. The manufacturers know that you don’t have time to stare at a fish tank all day or spend your Saturday tinkering around. This is an easy, painless solution that will clean the water for good. People even use this same type of technology for drinking water. If it’s good enough for your body, it will also be great for your fish. However, we never recommend trying to drink the water out of the tank, of course. Your children will delight growing up with fish. Their busy, active minds will be stimulated watching the fish grow and learning about the aqua ecosystem.

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